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360View delivers a world of global financial securities data to a desktop through Web browser and Internet connections - anywhere, anytime. All segments of the financial securities industry, from the front to the back office, can use 360View for quick and easy access to a broad range of pricing, evaluations, and descriptive data.

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7ticks Managed Services

Ultra-low latency network, co-location, direct market access and support services designed for the financial trading industry.

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ABSG delivers agency/GSE pass-through mortgage-backed securities, collateralized mortgage obligations (CMO) and asset-backed securities (ABS), and Small Business Administration (SBA) factors, evaluations, and statistical and descriptive data. ABSG can be used in the back, middle, and front offices of a broad range of client organizations-to assist in performing custody, accounting, trading, compliance, and risk management functions - as a highly specialized and comprehensive source of structured securities data.

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ApexSM provides financial institutions with the ability to access and employ data for over 10 million current and historical instruments across an extensive range of asset classes. With Apex, Interactive Data has created a unique approach to employing descriptive, corporate actions and pricing data. The Apex suite of reference data services delivers industry leading data quality and consistency. Leveraging standard technologies such as XML, Apex has been specifically designed to make data integration significantly easier, while increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs.

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BackOnline is an online database designed to help financial institutions manage the reference data administration process for instruments and issuers. It is an intuitive web-based tool providing timely delivery of an exceptional depth of financial data, including equities, warrants, bonds, rights, funds and derivatives, to the front, middle and back office.

Primarily used in Italy


Interactive Data’s BondEdge, provides today’s fixed income institutional investment professional with the perspective to manage institutional fixed income portfolio risk and help identify opportunities via an intuitive, highly customizable user-interface that offers flexible output and delivery options.

BondEdge is available to clients as an on-site software installation or through an OnDemand Software as a Service (SaaS) option. Clients can simulate various market environments to forecast performance results, identify bets or unintended mismatches against a variety of benchmark indices, and respond to reporting demands. With comprehensive security coverage and robust models and analytics, BondEdge is one of the most comprehensive fixed income analytics solutions available today.

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BondEdge Feed

Interactive Data’s BondEdge Feed service combines Interactive Data’s experience in producing fixed income evaluations with the advanced analytical capabilities of the BondEdge application. The service provides a range of data such as option-adjusted spread, yield to maturity, option-adjusted duration and convexity. The service also provides risk measures such as key rate durations and option-adjusted spread duration, and can calculate these risk measures retrospectively, giving the added benefit of being able to use historic pricing, evaluation, risk and analytics data within Value at Risk (VaR) models, performance systems, or to feed a data warehouse. In North America, the risk analytics service offers clients the convenience of a combined bulk file for evaluations, basic descriptive data and analytics. The service is offered in flexible, automated deliveries that can help clients reduce the amount of time and money required to collect and calculate risk measures. Historical information can be generated for applications requiring such data. Clients can choose to receive files with analytics and evaluations, or analytics only.

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BondEdge OnDemand

BondEdge OnDemand offers clients an alternative to installing and managing BondEdge as an in-house software application. It enables BondEdge customers access to a fully-hosted solution, minimizing the resources associated with maintaining and supporting an on-site installation.

In addition, BondEdge OnDemand offers portfolio processing and other data management related services that will be performed and monitored by the BondEdge Service Bureau team, enabling you to focus on your investment management processes.

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Business Entity Service

Interactive Data offers a Business Entity Service designed to help customers meet their requirements for risk management and compliance under a variety of directives such as UCITS III, the EU Third Money Laundering Directive, the Capital Requirements Directive (Basel II), MiFID, and the USA PATRIOT Act.

The Business Entity Service can help clients to obtain a more complete picture of the corporate hierarchy of an entity in order to understand its capital structure and global exposure, as well as perform pre- and post-trade technical analysis.

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Class Actions Service

Interactive Data’s class actions service delivers comprehensive information designed to help financial institutions track, monitor and recover funds emanating from securities class action litigation. This Web-based service offers watch lists, portfolio monitoring and customizable reporting including email alerts. Standard views of case listings, such as Today’s Class Actions, Filing Deadlines, Settlement Hearings and Recent Filings, are designed to allow clients to efficiently navigate a vast amount of information. Interactive Data has now mapped its class actions data into the ISO 15022 format, which is available as an optional module of IDS.

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Company & Irs-Bonds

Company & Irs-Bonds is an intuitive web-based service, which enables users to view financial and static data of listed and unlisted debt instruments and to download their official documents, such as prospectuses, terms and conditions, pricing supplements, final terms and offering circulars.

Irs – Internal rating support
Primarily used in Italy

Company & Irs-Issuers

Company & Irs-Issuers service provides fundamental and static data and financial information on companies and institutional investors to help firms with their counterparty data needs. This data includes corporate actions, business overview and history, corporate governance group structure and classifications. This service can help firms monitor counterparty risk as part of their effort to comply with the requirements of national central banks, insurance regulatory bodies and UCITS.

Irs – Internal rating support
Primarily used in Italy

Consolidated Feed

Interactive Data’s flagship Consolidated Feed delivers a broad range of global financial information to power institutions’ algorithmic and other financial applications. The Consolidated Feed’s content set includes global exchange-based data, contributed data, news, corporate actions and reference and fundamental data.

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Corporate Actions Service

Interactive Data’s award-winning corporate actions service delivers information for more than 100 corporate action types, including mandatory and voluntary corporate events. This service offers a flexible delivery platform that allows access to data in a variety of formats, including proprietary and standard ISO 15022, streamlining integration into financial systems and applications. The service is available via Interactive Data’s IDS service, for FTP over the Internet, and is also available via SWIFTNet. Interactive Data is currently involved with the reverse engineering of ISO 15022 for the migration to the new SWIFT corporate actions message, ISO 20022.

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  • North America
  • Europe — The corporate actions data service is available as an optional module of IDS.

Cost Basis Service

Interactive Data’s cost basis service delivers high quality information on the impact of corporate actions on the tax or cost basis of securities, easing the burden of determining capital gains on investments and helping to comply with new broker basis reporting requirements effective beginning in 2011. Cost basis data is available in a range of formats and delivery systems, including easy-to-use Web based tools, hosted applications and intra-day and end-of-day alerts.

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Credit Ratings

Interactive Data's Credit Ratings services provide long and short-term issuer ratings for international and emerging markets from a number of the world’s leading agencies. The services can assist with calculating capital adequacy for reporting purposes, as part of Basel II and the Capital Requirements Directive and offer an extensive history of issuer ratings, appropriate for the benchmarking of internal rating models.

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DATAFEED is an end-of-day data service with an interface linking Interactive Data's extensive collection of data to PC and workstation software. This service focuses on the financial data needs of third-party software vendors who make data available to their individual customers through their own products and services.

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Direct Data Feeds

Access ultra-low latency global market data via direct data feeds, including both direct raw and direct normalized feeds.

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eDOL - The electronic Daily Official List

eDOL is the definitive legal record of daily trading activity on the London Stock Exchange. It is widely used on a daily basis for portfolio or single security valuations, price monitoring and confirmation and checking stock eligibility for Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs).

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Essential Equities Service

The service is designed to help reduce bandwidth required to take in the full NYSE datafeed by up to 85 percent. The service mitigates the large amount of traffic from quote updates by sending out only one update each second for quotes. It is designed for clients that do not require every tick of data, including firms that use the data for portfolio pricing, web sites and workstations.

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ETF and Index Services

Interactive Data’s ETF and Index Services provide operational outsourcing, design support and distribution of index valuation data, and delivery of iNAVs for ETFs.

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ETF Center

The ETF Center provides financial professionals with tools designed for easier and more efficient searching and monitoring of U.S. listed ETFs.

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eWOI - The electronic Weekly Official Intelligence

eWOI provides a detailed overview of announcements for companies on the London Stock Exchange. It keeps track of the securities admitted to official listing on the London Stock Exchange and evaluates the market, which could provide help with assessing and advising on and worthwhile investments.

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ExpressNet is a Web-based service providing Interactive Data’s Asia-Pacific clients with both file download and browser access via a single platform to a consolidated and comprehensive range of global financial market information services. ExpressNet is designed for industry professionals seeking greater efficiency and flexibility.

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EXSHARE is an end-of-day datafeed that provides access to a vast amount of global securities data. This service can be provided as a customized feed, enabling both the content and format of the service to be delivered to a client's tailored requirements. EXSHARE can be downloaded into both in-house and third-party software packages and can be an enterprise-wide datafeed for use in:

  • Settlements
  • Stock lending
  • Portfolio accounting, administration and management
  • Fund pricing activities
  • Securities operations
  • Research
  • Risk management
  • Compliance
  • Custody services

Extranet Services From Interactive Data's 7ticks

Leading telco and managed network services designed to deliver consolidated market data, direct exchange data and connectivity, or custom services.

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Fair Value Information Services

Interactive Data’s Fair Value Information Service for international equities provides information that can be used to estimate the value of international equity securities after the close of trading in local markets. Interactive Data also offers a Fair Value Information Service that covers international equity index futures as well as international exchange-listed and over-the-counter (OTC) equity options. 

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Interactive Data’s Finstat service offers an extensive range of data feeds that has been developed over many years to meet the needs of a wide variety of finance professionals. A standard set of feeds is available to select from including prices and dividends for equities, gilts and funds, as well as and currencies and indices rates. The service can be downloaded from a dedicated website or via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is compatible with major software packages.

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FundRun is designed to help mutual fund sponsors, fund custodians, and investment managers meet the rigid deadlines for reporting Net Asset Values (NAVs) to the Mutual Fund Quotation Service (MFQS). Data is available in a format customized to meet a client’s requirements, or by a suite of Web-based tools. FundRun is a one-stop service for the mutual fund industry to review pricing, evaluations and corporate actions data for securities trading around the world. Coverage includes global taxable and tax-exempt fixed income securities, as well as equities.

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FutureSource is a preferred global market data and analytics platform for market professionals who need to make more informed buying and selling decisions. Available as software or via the web, it incorporates cutting-edge functionality and tools designed to support traders, brokers and analysts with risk management.

FutureSource offers global asset class coverage, including stocks, bonds, foreign exchange, energy and commodities. And it is supported by Interactive Data's state-of-the-art network, which can provide global exchange connectivity and a broad array of content to our clients.

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FutureSource Mobile

FutureSource Mobile offers a new channel for accessing up-to-the minute information on today's markets, your watch list, charting, news and analytical tools, and more—all on your iPad.

This solution is designed to complement your FutureSource desktop application, whether the new browser-based or Windows client version. Using one account, you can access any of our platforms without paying duplicate exchange fees.

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IDS is a flexible portfolio administration tool that provides desktop access to a vast amount of global securities data. An integrated package, IDS combines an intuitive online view with the ability to download data for processing in a format that suits a client’s needs. IDS offers the flexibility to view comprehensive global securities data, download the data into in-house or third-party software, track and receive reports on corporate actions, and maintain a securities portfolio online or via FTP.

Modules available include:

  • Corporate actions data
  • Class actions data
  • Business entity data (issue – issuer – parent entity)
  • Bond evaluations
  • Basket Calculation Service
  • Fair Value Information Service
  • Risk and analytical data


IDSI is a central source of bulk North American securities pricing and financial data offered in standard formats. Through direct-feed and third-party software interfaces, IDSI provides the ability to receive full universe or select coverage on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis to firms across all segments of the financial securities industry for use in performing their portfolio management, research, trade support, securities lending, income collection and fund accounting activities.

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InvestOnline provides timely information on issuer and investment funds, including static financial and market data. The service contains features such as fiscal and historical data, fund fees and performance, corporate actions and daily NAV of funds, covering a wide range of products offered in the investment fund market. This service can help customers carry out competitive analysis activities.

Primarily used in Italy

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Market-Q is a browser-based, comprehensive service that integrates global real-time pricing information, news, research, key U.S. corporate actions and dividend data, plus sophisticated tools, including advanced charting and alert services. With no software to download and easy access via any Web browser, Market-Q is designed for traders and financial professionals who need real-time access to the world’s financial markets.

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Market-Q Mobile

Market-QSM Mobile is a new way of accessing up-to-the-minute information on today's financial markets, your watch list, charting and analytical tools, and more - all on your iPad. Market-Q Mobile provides the same core powerful features you're used to having in the desktop version of Market-Q, but developed specifically for the iPad mobile device using HTML5. In minutes, you'll have access to your Market-Q account, with your watch lists and shared preferences intact, to use on-the-go or in client meetings and presentations.

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Market-Q Mobile


The MuniView database offers comprehensive municipal descriptive information, maintained and updated by our staff of research specialists, on more than 3 million municipal bonds. MuniView flags critical and time-sensitive events, and provides information clients can use for reconciling portfolios, maintaining security masterfiles, updating CUSIP files, reviewing disclosure data, creating customized reports, and obtaining fundamental data.

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Options Volatility Service

The Options Volatility Service is an easy-to-use tool for assessing risk and volatility for the U.S. options market. The Options Volatility Service offers clients an historical database of implied volatilities, option risk parameters, and volatility surfaces along with extensive historical pricing and reference data including “cleansed” corporate actions and related information. This information can help clients easily run risk reports across varied positions, analyze specific positions in depth, and conduct research such as back testing of trading strategies. Insurance companies can also use the service to help price their variable annuities.

Interactive Data’s Options Volatility Service combines historical data with daily updates to create a database of end-of-day pricing, corporate actions, and analytics for U.S. listed options, equities, exchange traded funds (ETFs), and equity indices. Benefits of the service include:

  • Logical joining of the data into a unified system
  • Advanced analytical methodologies
  • Sample loader scripts for loading the data into your internal systems

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Order Book Consolidator

Interactive Data’s Order Book Consolidator provides a consolidated order book designed to help financial institutions gain a more complete view of global market liquidity by aggregating orders from multiple venues, including those based in the US market. The Order Book Consolidator is designed to help address the best execution mandates embodied in the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), provide sub-millisecond performance, and enable the user to track liquidity in real-time across multiple venues.

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OSIDS provides end-of-day international pricing and corporate actions data for equities and fixed income securities to clients in Japan. A key feature of OSIDS is its ability to provide pricing information targeted to Japanese clients' specific needs to comply with the mark-to-market pricing rules of Japanese authorities. OSIDS also provides corporate action and descriptive data in structured record formats for client-specific universes.

For additional information, please contact Interactive Data at: Asia.enquiry@ap.ftid.com


POOL is a tool for back office analysts, portfolio managers, and other financial professionals seeking comprehensive pricing, evaluations, income, and reference data on U.S. securities. POOL offers a combination of multiple data views and flexible download structures that enable clients to perform a variety of tasks easily and conveniently using a Web browser. POOL focuses on U.S. structured securities - collateralized mortgage obligations (CMO), asset-backed securities (ABS), mortgage-backed securities (MBS), and Small Business Administration securities (SBA) – but also covers U.S. corporate, government, and municipal fixed income securities, and US equities.

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PortOnline is an intuitive online tool providing timely delivery of customised reference data to help financial firms create their own portfolio and monitor events, such as corporate actions, using a defined set of instruments. The service can help customers to meet their regulatory requirements through the provision of financial data for the administration of financial securities and issuers.

Primarily used in Italy

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PrimeContent offers retail, private and investment banks, vendors and software companies direct access to a universe of global financial data and an institution’s proprietary data. This service, which covers pricing data, reference data, analytical data and historical data, can be easily customized to meet a financial institution’s unique requirements.

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PrimeDeveloper is a comprehensive development services package that can help software developers at financial institutions build new systems or expand existing implementations. This service offers access to a technical platform containing a broad range of market data from various providers in a standardized format via a choice of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). PrimeDeveloper is complemented by trainings, documentation, and optional hosting services.

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PrimePortal solutions provide employees, partners and clients of financial institutions with access to a broad range of real-time, end-of-day and delayed financial data, news and analysis in Web-based, fully-hosted applications. PrimePortal solutions are customized to incorporate a client’s content, capability and workflow requirements, which can help optimize investment processes and minimize costs.

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PrimeTerminal is a Java-based application that can be customized to meet a firms' proprietary requirements. This hosted solution is designed to meet the needs of portfolio managers, analysts and wealth managers who require access to premium fundamental content and analytics, as well as real-time and historical data. PrimeTerminal can be tailored to support clients' specific data and workflow requirements.

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Probate Valuation Service

Interactive Data provides a fast and efficient probate valuation service to professional advisors that is both cost effective and competitively priced. With valuations available for more than 6 million UK and international listed securities and unit trusts, the service is designed to conform to the UK’s HM Revenue & Customs requirements for Probate and Inheritance Tax valuations.

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ProFile is a pricing and reference data – including corporate actions – data feeds service for finance professionals. It can enable users to tailor data feed content to their own requirements. Interactive Data’s full universe of financial data is available, including exchange traded funds, exchange traded commodities, corporate bonds, hedge funds, structured products and issue and issuer credit ratings.

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QuoTrek is a mobile software application that provides professionals and active traders alike with real-time quotes, charts and news via their iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or Java-enabled device. A discounted add-on rate for QuoTrek is available for current users of the company’s desktop solutions products, such as eSignal, Market-Q, FutureSource Workstation and LiveCharts.

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RemotePlus is a financial data server for use with the Microsoft Windows and UNIX operating systems. RemotePlus integrates with applications such as Microsoft Excel and other analytical software. RemotePlus communicates with Interactive Data’s host server system, letting clients look up and retrieve global financial and research data. RemotePlus accesses a broad range of securities information, including current and historical pricing, evaluations, descriptive, and corporate actions data.

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Securities Taxation Services

Interactive Data offers a wealth of valuable securities taxation information on thousands of UK, Irish and international listed securities in online, CD-ROM and print formats. This range of reference tools provides accountants and tax professionals with instant access to the latest data where and when needed. The service can be customised to meet individual requirements and modules include:

  • Capital Gains Tax
  • UK & Irish Dividends
  • International Dividends

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The Securities Information Retrieval Service (SIRS) provides a fully automated service for the retrieval and updating of the global reference data necessary for establishing and maintaining a security master file. This service helps enable investment management companies, money managers, fund sponsors, custodial banks and insurance companies to populate security master files with descriptive and terms-and-conditions data. SIRS also supports a variety of other functions, including income operations, trading, settlement, analysis and reporting.

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The eSignal Suite of Products and Services

Offered by the Desktop Solutions division of Interactive Data Corporation on eSignal.com, the eSignal suite of products and services, as well as trading education, provides global, real-time market data and professional-level decision support to individual investors and active traders worldwide. Included in this brand are the desktop software products eSignal, eSignal, Advanced GET Edition, and eSignal OnDemand, as well as a browser-based version – LiveCharts – and QuoTrek, designed for use on mobile devices and smart phones. Active traders receive product training and education through eSignalLearning.com.

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Tick History Services

Interactive Data offers a comprehensive suite of Tick History Services for the collection and distribution of level 1 equities, futures, index, bonds and FX data from the major global markets. This product suite includes a range of tick data services from FTP file delivery to an onsite database to a fully hosted service.

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Trading Infrastructure Support, Monitoring and Hosting

Leverage Interactive Data’s 24x7 team to help monitor and manage trading systems and network infrastructure.

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The Value Added Data Service (VADS) delivers agency/GSE pass-through mortgage-backed securities (MBS), collateralized mortgage obligations (CMO), and asset-backed security (ABS) factors, evaluations, related descriptive data, and Small Business Administration (SBA) factors and descriptive data. VADS is widely used by back office personnel supporting investment management companies, money managers, fund sponsors, custodial banks, and insurance companies as a source for structured securities and factor data. VADS also supports such functions as income accrual and collection, statement production, risk analysis and compliance reporting.

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Vantage is Interactive Data’s innovative new Web application that increases transparency and improves operational efficiency by unifying in-depth market information and sophisticated workflow tools. It is designed to help you understand and visualize our evaluated prices within the context of a broad mosaic of relevant market information and automate manual, error-prone tasks.

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